The Maasai Mara National Reserve (also spelled Masai Mara ; known by the Kenyans as The Mara) is a large
Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and one of the largest in the world. Due to its size the park was split into two - Tsavo West and Tsavo East READ MORE.....
Amboseli National Park, formerly Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve, is in Kajiado District, Rift Valley Province in Kenya. The park is 39206 ha in size at the core of READ MORE......

The Grévy's zebra , also known as the imperial zebra, is the largest extant wild equid and the largest and most endangered of the three species of zebraREAD MORE…

Kilimanjaro safaris has tailor made adventures, throughout the year.

Price includes all transport to and from Nairobi, activities, all meals and accommodation.

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Community based tourism

Kilimanjaro safaris has made efforts to serve the local people and share the benefits of tourism. The tourism industry is a major foreign earner and the local people must also get the direct benefits of international travellers. We have designed our programmes in a way the you will interact with the local people in their original homesteads and share how they live. Travel has both negative and positive impact on the indigenous people. We strive to promote responsible travel arrangements to the locals.

The locals likes to welcome the visitors in their homes where they share their daily activities and share the evening narratives like in the old days. This integrates the visitors into the community and they learn a lot of aspects of the locals. They share the same activities like looking after cows, teaming up in the shamba activities for cultivation, harvesting maize or beans, and firewood for making fire.The local families has benefits derived directly from the tourism.



Upon arrival in Nairobi you will be met at the airport and transffered to your hotel for overnight and the briefing for the activities that awaits you.The introduction is carried out and then we choose the home you will be staying and the expectations of the home stay activities.


Leave Nairobi in the morning and drive to the Northern direction.We first see the very agricultural lands of the Mount Kenya region and the various local villages.We arrive at Naromoru where we will have lunch. You will arrive in your home at Manyatta village where you will be welcomed by your new home owners.There will be activities to introduce you to the local community and share activities together.Dinner and overnight in a home.


Meet the local community and know them.Introduction to the community. After the morning meal you will have a session under the tree and have a deep lecture on the community's history and their traditional activities they were involved in..Afternoon is spent learning a specific item like the medicinal trees extractions and their usage. Traditional music is also played and you learn first hand how the local african communities do it in their villages.


The time you will spend with people doing daily chores.You participate in the ordinary activities.You will help in looking after cows,digging trenches,connecting water pipes for irrigation,harvesting crops.Later spend the evening together around fire place before retiring to bed.


The Manyatta village people has a project for them.There is a local tree nursery where there are indigenous and exotic tree species where they are sold to th elocals for replanting in their farms or selling to the visitors who plants in their places.The money from the visitors is used to fund various activities in  the village.The locals team up and buy items that are used by all people example like tents,chairs,cups or plates. Dinner and overnight in your local home.


We visit the local amenities where people meet for diffrent things.if the day falls on a sunday we go to the local church and join in the worsship.Cattle  dip is another place for meeting people and als a local meting with the chief or a common village gathering. The Mau Mau caves in the mt.Kenya Forest are one of the major interests here.


The day is spent visiting nearby Aberdare National Park viewing and appreciating the wildlife and scenery. Aberdare National Forest Reserve known for its ‘big-five’ wild animals, valleys and spectacular water falls. After the discovery visits to the national park you drive back to the village. In the evening come back to the village and share the last meals with locals.


In the morning you will visit the people for the last leg and bid farewell to the people you have spent time.Drive back to Nairobi to connect to your next destination.


The host families helped us learn some of their language, customs, farming practices, crafts, cooking, and generally how to enjoy life without electricity! We didn't see another white person the whole week - wonderful!! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

This holiday makes a difference through our village home stays in Kenya your visit will help encourage the villagers to support responsible ecotourism as a viable alternative to sustainability rather than focusing on the unsustainable practices of commercial farming. Your visit provides an important income which will reinforce and promote the long term conservation of their cultural identity and their nurturing environment.

The village communities receives proper economic benefits from the tourism operation and are remunerated for their work in the operation. In addition they are trained in all the different areas related to socially and ecologically responsible tourism.


A.Flow of money to the locals communities.

B.Local communities embrace the concept of conservation.

C.local villagers learn the way others foreigners live.

D.Direct income from the foreigners.

E.Improves the living standards of the villagers as they strive to host more visitors.Like having proper toilets,bathrooms and general sanitation.

F.Locals will plan their farm well and share the experiences of to all


Voluntary Works

Kenya has many chances of doing voluntary works. You can join schools, community based organizations, children's homes, hospitals and community clinics. We will engage you with the direct programme in the community where you will live with the locals. Your contribution will make a difference to the community and bring a happy smile to a family and a child.

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